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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Bellary Pincode / Post Office Search (BELLARY, Karnataka)

Allipur B.O 583104BellaryKarnataka
Anthapura B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Asundi B.O 583103BellaryKarnataka
B Belagal B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Badanahatti B.O 583116BellaryKarnataka
Bandihatti B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Basarakodu B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Belachinta B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Bellary City S.O 583101BellaryKarnataka
Bellary H.O 583101BellaryKarnataka
Bennikallu B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Bisalahalli B.O 583103BellaryKarnataka
Chaganur B.O 583111BellaryKarnataka
Chanahal B.O 583116BellaryKarnataka
Channapatna B.O 583113BellaryKarnataka
Chellakurki S.O 583111BellaryKarnataka
D Kaggal B.O 583116BellaryKarnataka
Dammuru B.O 583116BellaryKarnataka
Emmiganur S.O 583113BellaryKarnataka
Eriangalgi B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Erragudi B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Genikihal B.O 583116BellaryKarnataka
Gotur B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Gududur B.O 583103BellaryKarnataka
H Veerapura B.O 583113BellaryKarnataka
Hadligi B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Halakundi B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Haraginadoni B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Ibrahimpura B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Jalibenchi B.O 583103BellaryKarnataka
Jalihal B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Janekunta B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Joladarashi B.O 583111BellaryKarnataka
K Veerapura B.O 583111BellaryKarnataka
Kakarlathota B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Kallukamba B.O 583113BellaryKarnataka
Kammarchedu B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Karekallu B.O 583111BellaryKarnataka
Karichedu B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Kolagallu B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Kolur B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Korlagundi B.O 583103BellaryKarnataka
Kottal B.O 583113BellaryKarnataka
Kudathini S.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Kurugodu S.O 583116BellaryKarnataka
Laxmipura B.O 583113BellaryKarnataka
M S Kota B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Metriki B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Moka Gonehal B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Moka S.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Mustagatta B.O 583116BellaryKarnataka
Nelludi B.O 583113BellaryKarnataka
Oruvai B.O 583113BellaryKarnataka
P D Halli B.O 583111BellaryKarnataka
Park Road B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Rajapura B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Rupangudi B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Sanganakal B.O 583103BellaryKarnataka
Shankarabanda B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Shastri Nagar B.O 583103BellaryKarnataka
Sidiginamola B.O 583111BellaryKarnataka
Sindhavalam B.O 583117BellaryKarnataka
Somalapura B.O 583113BellaryKarnataka
Somasamudra B.O 583102BellaryKarnataka
Talur B.O 583103BellaryKarnataka
Vaddatti B.O 583116BellaryKarnataka
Veniveerapura B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Vittalapura B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka
Y.Kaggallu B.O 583111BellaryKarnataka
Yalpi B.O 583111BellaryKarnataka
Yelubenchi B.O 583115BellaryKarnataka

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